If you would like a great career at Special Care Landscapes LLC, please fill out the application below completely and submit it to us. You cannot save this form in the middle, so make sure you have all your information together before you begin. Fill out the application in one sitting and submit it. We will get back to you shortly.

All applicants must be able:

  • to pass a background check and drug test
  • be self-motivating
  • have no medical issues that would not allow you to work on your feet for an extended amount of time or the ability to work in the heat
  • be on time and give at least 24 hours notice if an issue arises
  • have reliable transportation to work
  • to lift 50 pounds
  • wear company uniforms
  • follow all company procedures and safety regulations
  • use equipment properly to reduce breakage and/or down time of equipment
  • ask questions to their supervisor if they do not know something and remember the answer
  • have a valid driver's license (required only for Lawn Care Supervisor)

Lawn Care Assistant

Is responsible for the line trimming and blowing of excess debris off hard surfaces. Additionally responsibilities: assisting in laying mulch, cleaning up and as directed by the Lawn Care Supervisor. Reports directly to the Lawn Care Supervisor.

Must be able to:

  • use a line trimmer
  • use a backpack blower
  • use hedge trimmers
  • use a push mower
  • use a wheelbarrow
  • use a rake
  • use a pitchfork
  • use a broom
  • use a shovel
  • know what equipment is filled with 2 cycle gas
  • mix 2 cycle gas for equipment
  • assist in cleaning out the work truck (front and back) at the end of the work day.
  • use proper Personal Protective Equipment

Lawn Care Supervisor

Lawn Care Supervisor is responsible for safely driving and ensuring all our customers are serviced correctly the first time. Additional responsibilities: Ensure all personal are using personal protective equipment and using all machinery correctly, monitor turf growth to ensure proper lawn service visits are being applied, monitor bushes and hedges to ensure proper height, monitor weeds control in lawn and flowerbeds on customers signed up for our weed control programs, and as directed by the Operations Manager. Reports directly to the Operations manager.

In addition to the Lawn Care Assistant’s responsibilities, a Lawn Care Supervisor must be able to:

  • show proper procedures for filling gas in all machinery owned by Special Care Landscapes LLC.
  • Ensure all equipment owned by Special Care Landscapes LLC is ready for use to include check and fill all fluid levels and tire pressures
  • understand the maintenance program
  • be able to recognize problems with equipment
  • properly operate all equipment owned by Special Care Landscapes LLC including commercial zero turn mowers
  • lay mulch
  • plant bushes, hedges, shrubs, trees and flowers